MOURNFUL GUST   2008 CD "The Frankness Eve"   (BadMoodMan Music // BMM.011-08) April 2008

Vladislav Shahin - vocals

Evgeny Vecher - guitars

Rojas Gaman - guitars

SahO Maljovaniy - bass guitar

Stas Mischenko - keyboards

Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums

All lyrics written by Vladislav Shahin

All music composed and arranged by Evgeny Vecher

The Cold Solitude composed by Evgeny Vecher and Ivan Khoma

Vocals arrangement by Vlad Shahin

The Frankness Eve recorded in Autumnia Studio in 2007, January-September

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Alexander Glavniy

Sound producing by Evgeny Vecher and Mournful Gust

Flute parts by August Devego

01.  A Pain To Remember   9:18
02.  It´s Our Own Tragedy   4:50
03.  To Your Deceits... Again   4:49
04.  From Illusions And Jealousy   8:39
05.  The Cold Solitude   6:53
06.  With Every Suffering   7:44
07.  Honey For My Wounds   2:35
08.  Recover Me In Sores   5:20

All artwork, design and visual concept by Vjacheslav Smishko. Bands logotype by Vlad Shahin. Mournful Gust photography´s by Rojas Gaman and Vjacheslav Kapusta. Model: Julia Oskina.

Vlad Shahin thanks: My Beloved Milena, Mom, Brother Vladimir and his family, all my late relations, then... Sam, Vecher and his brother, Rojas and his mom, Stas and SahO.

SahO Maljovaniy thanks: a family, friends for support and belief! Thank you for everything!

Vjacheslav Kapusta thanks: Lord Jesus Christ.

Rojas Gaman thanks: my mournful gust for my inspirations, for my incredible life.

Stas Mischenko thanks: my Mom and brother Alexey for support and comprehension.

Evgeny Vecher thanks: Mary, my parents and brother Sergey, my colleagues from Mournful Gust and my true friends...

Mournful Gust thanks: Alexander Glavniy, August Devego, Sergey Terentev & Solitude Productions, Vjacheslav "Nurgeslag" Smishko, Julia Oskina, Tanchik and Janchik, Oleg "Darkman" Kornienko, Serge "Tomas" Tolmachev, Sergey "Garage" Lobanov, Jul Morozov, Vadim Bakumenko, Alexey Kondratenko, Alexey Korenevskiy, Alexey Korchevoy, Whital from She Cries, Victor Ozolin from Flying, Khorus from Khors, Andrey Gorbol, Nikolay Kostetskiy and all Rubicon crew, Alexey "Green Lord" Kordonets, Jeff Tsyvyan from Heavy Lord, Mladen Skot & Maelstrom zine and all who has tried a bitter fruit of Mournful Gust and all supported bands: Inferum, Burning Spirit, Flying, Balance Interruption, Seventh Evidence, Tessaract, Accident, Mental Demise, Rottensound, Scholoch, Izmena, Of Celestial, Nekremia, Holy Blood, I Miss My Death, She Cries, Auto Da Fe, Somnolent, Idol, Malinconia, Articulo Mortis.