MOURNFUL GUST   2010 CD "She's My Grief ...Decade" (2CD)   (BadMoodMan Music // BMM.033-10) June 2010

"She’s My Grief" CD1
(Dedicated to memory of Stanislav Shahin 1944-2000)

01.  The First Spring Without You   3:36
02.  Path Of My Tears   8:13
03.  Once We Were Happy   8:49
04.  Sweet Embrace Of Scarlet Twilight   7:49
05.  I Saw Her Sad Eyes   10:26
06.  As A Wingless Bird   7:50
07.  ...And We Shall Die Together   9:41

Vladislav Shahin - vocals

Alexander Glavniy – lead guitar

Evgeny Vecher – rhythm guitar

Evgeny Kozlovskiy – bass guitar

Artem Lygun – keyboards

Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums

Additional musicians:

Oksana Krivenko – soprano

Anna Dobrydneva – female vocals

Andrey Chistoserdov – violin

Alexander Ulanov – flute

All music composed by Alexander Glavniy

All lyrics by Vladislav Shahin


Recorded and mixed at Jazz Club Studio

by Vitaliy Seroshtan (Krivoy Rog, 2 May – 2 October 2000)

It’s 10 years since these songs began to sound for the first time – we made an attempt to become nearer to heaven, we burnt our wings, but we have not burnt out. It was a great space of time for our short life and we decided to share everything with you. Our first album, our first experience… We are not perfect in this the most sorrowful style, but we wish to be sincere, because once this earth will wake up without us…
Sergey and Evgeny from Solitude/BadMoodMan, Vjacheslav Smishko, my one and only Milena, all my musicians, especially Alexander Glavniy and Evgeny Vecher – without you there wouldn’t be everything of what I’m proud and what fills my life… And my applause is for you, for re-editing of our "She’s My Grief"…
The better times waits for us, thanks a lot…

Vlad Shahin / Mournful Gust, 2010


"…Decade" CD2

01.  A Pain To Remember (demo version)   09:15
02.  It’s Our Own Tragedy (demo version)   04:48
03.  To Your Deceits…Again (demo version)   04:46
04.  The First Spring Without You   06:02
  (by Somnolent version)    
05.  I Saw Her Sad Eyes   04:51
  (by Stas Mischenko version)    
06.  The Cold Solitude   02:50
  (by Soundform & Practical Senses version)  
07.  The Cold Solitude   05:54
  (by Alexander Naydenov version)    
08.  The Cold Solitude (demo version)   06:46
09.  With Every Suffering (video)    

All demo versions (tracks 1, 2, 3 and 8) recorded, mixed and mastering by Evgeny Vecher (August 2006, Krivoy Rog). Originally included in "The Frankness Eve": Vlad Shahin – vocals/lyrics, Evgeny Vecher – guitars/music, Rojas Gaman – guitars, SahO Maljovaniy – bass, Stas Mischenko – keyboards, Vjacheslav Kapusta – drums.

Track 4 - recorded at R.D.S. Studio, Odessa (September 2009) by Peter Semenov. Mixed by Tony Alien (November 2009, Zaporozhie). Somnolent: Alexey Vorozheykin – Vocals, Konstantin Voyku – Guitars, Alexandr Mazurenko – Bass, Yuriy Kononov – Drums.

Track 5 - inspired by Mournful Gust. Recorded and mixed at 22home studio by Stas Mischenko (June 2009). Stas Mischenko – keyboards, synthesizer, sampling, voice.

Track 6 - recorded at Silent Crab Studio (Krivoy Rog, July 2009). Mixed and mastering by Yuri Baygush (August 2009, Krivoy Rog). Soundform & Practical Senses: Alexander Mylnikov – keyboards/brass, Yuri Baygush – grand piano/woodwind/rhythm machine programming, Dmitry Zemnitsky – bass, Stas Gorodnichenko – drums/accordion, Vladlen Tishalovich – percussion.

Track 7 - recorded and mixed at Autumnia Studio by Alexander Glavniy (September 2009). Alexander Naydenov – acoustic guitar.

Track 9 - video for the song "With Every Suffering" from "The Frankness Eve" album. Directed by Vadim Bakumenko.


Remastered by Alexander Glavniy
(Autumnia studio, 2009)
Designed by Nurgeslag (