MOURNFUL GUST   2014 digital single "Let The Music Cry"   (BadMoodMan Music) October 4, 2014

Additional playbacks by Valeria Finikopulo

Violin at Silver Strings version by Peter Voronov

First track recorded ALIVE, mixed and mastered at TA Production (ZP, Ukraine) in cold May 14, 2014 by Anton Vorozhtsov

*previously unreleased tracks

** taken from “For All The Sins” album

*** taken from Die Entweihung album “The Last Shelter” (Apocephale Winter prods.)

**** taken from Art Electronix album “Monumental Dump” (Pickpak music label) )

Lyrics by Vlad Shahin. Lyrical assistance: Andrey "Ind" Merzlyakov

Music composed by Mournful Gust

Artwork by Vjacheslav “Nurgeslag” Smishko

01.  Let The Music Cry (If We Were ALIVE version)*  

02.  Let The Music Cry **  

03.  Let The Music Cry (Silver Strings version) **  

04.  Let The Music Cry (live in Kiev, December 8 2013)*  

05.  Let The Music Cry (Bejalane mix)*  

06.  Honey For My Wounds (by Die Entweihung version) ***  

07.  Sleeping With My Name (Art Electronix mix) ****  


Vladislav Shahin - vocals

Evgeny Rusetsky – guitars **

Ivan Seleznev – guitars *

SahO Maljovanij – bass guitar

Nikolay Kostetsky – drums