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Sleeping With My Name. The latest artistic music video by Ukrainian doom/death metal band Mournful Gust. Thirteen minutes video novel in four parts is narrative of entangled secret desires and sincerity of their fulfillment, inconsolable hopes and reverential trembling of oblivion. This is the second video by veterans of doom metal form former USSR shot in collaboration with Born Vision studio and director Elena Gudkova. The song is taken from the EP of the same title and anticipates the forthcoming full-length album "For All The Sins", which is out to harass your hearts through Russian doom metal label Solitude Productions this autumnů
June 24 2013

With Every Suffering - 5:46 (29067 kb)

"I burn for you. Lighten up and warm up, fade out and leave forever. In unwritten letters, in unspoken words. Accept my gift because it is all I have. And never before there was a thing more important than burning up, lightening up and warming up, turning to ashes beneath the feet of those, who will never walk upon those roads again".
For the people who truly understand Mournful Gust - debut video "With Every Suffering" from the album "The Frankness Eve" by Vadim Bakumenko and Aleksej Kondratenko. Loneliness, disappointment, separation and stone cold indifference...
February 21 2009