News archive 2006

2006 November 16

Today the fragments of absolutely new products from Mournful Gust planned to accommodation on the second full length album with the working name "The Frankness Eve" are accessible. Till to official appearance of the album in the Network there will be only these versions.

The record was made this year on the 5th of August and meaningly it wasn´t held at professional studio. Those versions which you will find below on the specified references will not be included in album as it exists.

Your impressions from heard you can leave in the guestbook...

A Pain To Remember (fragment) - 4:11 (3928 kb)
It´s Our Own Tragedy (fragment) - 3:39 (3420 kb)
To Your Deceits... Again (fragment) - 3:41 (3457 kb)

2006 May 27

From this day you have an opportunity to order rare MC with the first edition of "She´s My Grief" (released in ukranian label Metal Force Records in the end of 2000). The quantity of MC is limited, I don´t know, from where these ancient covers in general have emerged. The copies of album are completely sold out from a label and for a very long time they were considered inaccessible. Huge gratitude to Sergey Pritula from Wolf Song Production for granting of this find... more information about the cassette edition is in section Discography.

2006 March 25

Still you have an opportunity to get debut CD of Mournful Gust "She´s My Grief" directly at musicians. For finding-out of all details and reception of disk by mail communicate by any kind of electronic communication convenient for you:

ICQ# 215-784-700

And still news...
... your obedient servant, that is me, Vladislav Shahin, took part as the sessional vocalist in record of the album "On The Edge" of Tessaract, death metal horde from Kharkov. All details are on site of group.

Also, it´s completely written down, the second album of Autumnia "By The Candles Obsequial" (our with Alexander Glavniy funeral doom/death metal ceremonies) is mixed and ready for release (besides me on some tracks you can hear Anna´s vocal from Mournful Gust). The most thorough and authentic details are on site of group.