News archive 2007

2007 September 30

Second album of supreme funeral doom/death metal ceremony Autumnia "By The Candles Obsequial" was out at Griffin Music/Ruina Records (ruina 002/griffin 009)

From today the ordinary CD version of album "By The Candles Obsequial" is available. Everybody who wishes to purchase our album send the order to e-mail of Griffin Music: info[at]

Only for true Autumnia fans the limited edition of new album "By The Candles Obsequial" signed themselves by creators is available.
44 copies are wrapped in burial crape with two candles emphasizing the whole conception of album...
Available for 15 euro

2007 August 23

As we promised you since autumn our concert performances recommence...

September 1 - Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
w/I Miss My Death and She Cries
October 20 - Kiev, Ukraine at Doom Over Kiev festival
w/Articulo Mortis, Malinconia, Somnolent, Idol and Auto Da Fe

2007 June 12

With undisguised excitement we represent on your court one of our new songs "The Cold Solitude". Here is its demo written down in August, 2006 and now this track is written down anew and it will be included in second album "The Frankness Eve".

With your permission I answer the most often asked to Mournful Gust questions:

During some weeks we have been writting down the second album under the name "The Frankness Eve" in Autumnia Studio by the sound producer Alexander Glavniy (Autumnia, ex-Mournful Gust). The primary part of work is done. It remained only to add parties of some tools, our sessional musicians, and then mix and mastering. For the moment it´s all information about our record which I can share with you at this period...

At present all copies of our debut CD "She´s My Grief" are already completely sold out and also our ex-label Metal Agen Records/Soyuz is not going to make additional copies... Only after August of 2008 we will be able to reprint again this album specially for you: wait for new mastering, new design and some surprises...

Infinitely Yours Vlad Shahin and Mournful Gust, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, June, 2007

2007 April 15

All earlier announced performances of group are cancelled:
in Lutsk the concert is cancelled by the organizer, and we can´t go to to Zaporozhye and Dneprodzerzhinsk for existing reasons... So see you in your cities this autumn...

2007 March 20

Our nearest concerts:
March 31 - Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
Zaporozhye, Ukraine is transferred on May
April 29 - Lutsk, Ukraine
May 20 - Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine