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2008 November 29

Overcoming the troubles with health and in a personal life a drummer Vjacheslav Kapusta has returned to the band.

Now we don´t plan the perfomances in connection with work at the new album. And with this we wish you a peaceful end of this year…

2008 September 29

In connection with a retirement from the group of drummer Vyacheslav Kapusta MOURNFUL GUST willn´t be able to take part in festival Doom Over Kiev II. We apologize to our fans and organizers of festival. Thank you for support and understanding.

2008 July 31

Upcoming Shows:
October 5 2008 - Kiev, Ukraine at Doom Over Kiev 2
With Mournful Gust you can see: Draconian (Sweden), Grimfaith and Malinconia.

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Mournful Gust Show Mournful Gust Show

2008 July 6

Bass-guitarist SahO Maljovaniy is not part of Mournful Gust more... Leaving of the musician is especially personal moment only within the group. On its place it was again returned bass-guitarist Evgeniy Kozlovsky who was taken part in record of the first album "She´s My Grief" and in concert performances of group since December 2000 till September 2001...

2008 April 10: CD "The Frankness Eve" is out now...

Mournful Gust - The Frankness Eve

So long I couldn´t bring myself to announce a new about the preparing output of album but all of you knew that everything went to it...I was stopped by some superstitions, but now I am with impatience share with you a new that today, 10 April, 2008, Mournful Gust produced the second album "The Frankness Eve"...Russian Bad Mood Man Music (position in catalogue BMM.011-08) became our publisher, which to a full degree proved in edition of our work and to Your attention here is the press-release from label:

"Mournful Gust - a well known Ukrainian group comes back with a new album after an eight-year break! The debut album was issued in 2000 on MC and has been rereleased on CD in 2005 by Soyuz/Metal Agen. Today the group comes back with the new material, combining such styles as: gothic metal, death/doom and elements of the European folk-music. The sated melodies are filled with parts of live flute. The voice of the vocalist (known from his work with Autumnia) transfers a rich palette of feelings and experiences, which have been put in pawn in the English-speaking lyrics, passing from clear singing, to growl. The addition of a 24 page booklet makes this disk a unique eye catcher with pit art."

Allow me and all of us to come to oneself from such expected event and a little later I will expose you all I want to share with you... As yet accept only short information about "The Frankness Eve": there are 8 compositions on an album about 50 minutes of sounding, sound from Autumnia studio, design booklet from Nurgeslag and mournful gust after eight years interruption...

Vlad Shahin/Mournful Gust

2008 February 26

Upcoming Shows:
March 29 2008 - Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
In common with ukrainian bands Auto Da Fe, Def/Light, Magavira, Aeon 9

April 18 2008 - St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Petrodoom 2008 fest with Swallow The Sun, Comatose Vigil, Psilocybe Larvae, Abyssphere, Ekklesiast, Inspiramentum Aeoli, The Extinct Dreams, Spiritual Devastation and Aura Amentis.

April 19 2008 - Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow Doom Festival chapter III on the common scene with Swallow The Sun, Esoteric, Worship, Frailty, Comatose Vigil

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Mournful Gust Show Mournful Gust Show Mournful Gust Show

2008 January 22

Today is a total updating of our site. Everything that you see now is created by web-master Alexey "Green Lord" Kordonets and designer Vjacheslav "Nurgeslag" Smishko. We expect your impressions and wishes about our virtual refuge...