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November 17 2009

Stas is back...

After 8-month break keyboardist Stas Mischenko returned to Mournful Gust...

... And now in complete line-up (which will be announced later), the group prepares for live performances, the nearest of which - Flame Of Sorrow Festival II in Rovno, Ukraine...

October 29 2009

Dear admirers of Mournful Gust!!!
For everyone who watches our news…
You've probably noticed that at our official website and MySpace there is no updating as if our line-up does nothing. Actually we are active and soon we will present you new musicians of Mournful Gust. We’ve not yet completed the line-up, therefore you don’t observe any changes…
The photos of the ex-participants, their names … let it will be the tribute to musicians which have composed “The Frankness Eve” …

October 10 2009

The 10-th of October is the 10-th anniversary of Mournful Gust creation

October 7 2009

New reviews by "The Frankness Eve" album have been added in the Press section from The Streets – Metal Webzine, Deaf Sparrow Zine, The Executioner Zine,, and

August 5 2009

She’s My Grief... Decade

At present Mournful Gust prepares for reprinting the debut album "She's My Grief" dated for ten years' anniversary of band's creation...

The album is planned to release at Bad Mood Man Music in autumn 2009 in the form of double CD. The content of the first disk will show a classical album of 2000 "She's My Grief" with last modern re-mastering in Autumnia studio. The second disk is devoted for true admirers of group's creativity and will include not published earlier compositions, demos of some songs from the second album "The Frankness Eve", absolutely unexpected covers-versions on Mournful Gust and cover from Mournful Gust. Plus to all at bonus disk will be photo gallery of concert and secret episodes from life of group in the period of 2000-2008 and also video clip "With Every Suffering". The edition will be supplement with design from Vyacheslav Smishko turning a page of ten years' Mournful Gust history...

May 24 2009

New reviews by "The Frankness Eve" album have been added in the Press section from, Payo UG Webzine,,, Castle Of,,,,,,,, Metal Italia, and Archaic magazine, (for "She's My Grief").

May 8 2009

The Frankness Eve is on the fourth place in Japan!!!

According to the Japanese edition Castle Of Pagan - Mournful Gust with album "The Frankness Eve" takes the fourth place in a rating "Most impressive 10 of the year 2008":

1. EMIR HOT - Sevdah Metal
2. AMON AMARTH - Twilight of the Thunder God
3. COR SCORPII - Monument
4. MOURNFUL GUST - The Frankness Eve
5. KEEP OF KALESSIN - Kolossus
6. ELUVEITIE - Slania
7. ECLIPSE - Are You Ready to Rock
8. STORMWARRIOR - Heading Northe
9. IT BITES - The Tall Ships
10. MOONMADNESS- All in Between

April 9 2009

Dear admirers of MOURNFUL GUST!!!

With a great regret I have to inform you about situation formed in our group... Guitarists Evgeny Vecher and Rojas Gaman, keyboard player Stas Mischenko and drummer Vyacheslav Kapusta have left the ranks of Mournful Gust...

Now together with bass player SahO I began search of new musicians. I hope and trust...

Vlad Shahin, Mournful Gust, April 2009

February 21 2009

"With Every Suffering" video is online

"I burn for you. Lighten up and warm up, fade out and leave forever. In unwritten letters, in unspoken words. Accept my gift because it is all I have. And never before there was a thing more important than burning up, lightening up and warming up, turning to ashes beneath the feet of those, who will never walk upon those roads again".

For the people who truly understand Mournful Gust - debut video "With Every Suffering" from the album "The Frankness Eve" by Vadim Bakumenko and Aleksej Kondratenko. Loneliness, disappointment, separation and stone cold indifference...

Download With Every Suffering - 5:46 (29067 kb)
With Every Suffering on YouTube

January 31 2009

New reviews by "The Frankness Eve" album from,,,,, and have been added in the Press section.