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Our Forthcoming Performances:

23 October 2010 Krivoy Rog / Ukraine @ Iron October fest 2010 w/ Agonia, Heavyone, Sad Spirit, Mind Structure, Deathember Flower, Ungrace, Sideris Noctem

19 November 2010 Kiev / Ukraine @ Autumn Solitude Evening w/ Eternal Void, Vin de Mia Trix, Sideris Noctem, I Miss My Death

04 December 2010 Minsk / Belarus @ Jolly Roger Cafe w/ The Dim Sun, Hidden, The Disbeliever, Hok-Key

June 5 2010

MOURNFUL GUST "She´s My Grief…Decade" – re-release of first album!!!

"Mournful Gust is one of first bands at post soviet area who has played doom metal in its classic variant. Moreover it is quite impossible to call the music of this Ukrainian group the replaying of well-known opuses of their English colleagues such as My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost. It would be more appropriate to tell about the development of the genre and increasing of traditions with deviation into more vivid melodic and accentuated melancholy. The remembering combinations of female and male vocals and perfection of compositions which has building on their contrast. Very beautiful parts of violin and flute against a background of heavy guitars and others instruments. "She's My Grief" in full measure reproduces the spirit and the atmosphere of those times, dominated over heavy scene in native land. The worthy release for collection of every music lover as a specimen of metal-group's amateur from the lands of ex-Soviet Union".
Agen Price/Metal Agen Records, the first publisher of "She´s My Grief" CD.

Press-release from BadMoodMan Music/Solitude Productions:

Re-issue of the legendary album of Ukrainian gothic doom death metal band! The album material is fully remastered and is supplemented with a bonus CD containing demo of 2006 "The Frankness Eve", cover versions of Mournful Gust songs by invited musicians and "With Every Suffering" video from the actual album. Enforced by new power "She´s My Grief" album proves to be still state-of-the-art piece of music.

To order "She´s My Grief…Decade"

May 19 2010

BadMoodMan Music presents:
(BMM. 033-10) Mournful Gust - She's My Grief... Decade 2xCD
Re-issue of debut album "She's My Grief" is out soon!!!

April 03 2010

The nearest planned performance of Mournful Gust:
June 05 2010 at Summer Solitude Evening festival (Kiev,Ukraine)

Current line-up of Mournful Gust:
Vladislav Shahin - vocals
Vasily Morozov - guitar
Evgeny Rusetsky – guitar
SahO Maljovaniy - bass
Stanislav Mischenko - keyboards
Inna Esina – flute
Nikolay Kostetsky - drums